What Should You Wear for Family Photos?

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I think one of the most stressful parts of getting family pictures taken is deciding what to wear. So, let me help you to figure out what you should wear for family photos. I want you to have the dreamiest photos you will love for years to come!

Where to Start

First off, start with Mom! Find a beautiful flowy dress in a neutral color. Think solid or floral – steer clear of coral or bright orange as that color will affect your skin tone negatively. I love the blue, green, cream, blush, white, black, tan, and gray family. For Mom, I always recommend something with movement. You want to wear clothes you’ll be comfortable in so you can move around easily for the photoshoot. We move and play a lot!

Next, I recommend Dad wear a button shirt up or something a little more dressy than casual. Keep in mind Mom should pick her outfit first and then each family afterward. That way Mom can make sure she loves her outfit and the other family member’s outfits can complement hers.

Avoid too many patterns. Try to balance out between solid prints and pattern prints to keep the clothes from being too distracting. Add layers and different textures when you can. Make sure name brands or logos are not seen- these can distract from the photos and date them. Look around your home and see where the photos will be hanging in your home, make sure your outfit colors will not clash with what is in your home. And finally, consider the location you are taking photos at, make sure your surroundings are complimented by your outfits.

Mixing things up depending on the season can be fun as well. Try warm and jewel tones in the fall, and cool colors in the winter. But there are so many possibilities so don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for great dresses to get your started!

What’s Next?

After mom’s clothes have been decided, pick clothes for the other members of your family in complimenting tones. Play with the shades of the colors you pick to add variety. You don’t want everyone wearing the same shade! And finally, switch the colors up between pants and shirts, shoes, and minimal accessories. Deciding what to wear for family photos shouldn’t be stressful. Have fun with it!

Look at this adorable family and their outfits! I loved working with them to capture so many special moments. The outfits they chose are just the cutest! I mean, look at those overalls! Their photos came out beautifully.

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